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The Stone Circle: Meet the Founders!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

If you have made it this deep into our website, then we have to assume you have as much of a love

for mineralogy as we do. In that case, we ought to introduce ourselves before we take this journey


Kev the "Fox" (@Rockhounding_Fox)

Fox developed an interest in crystals at a very young age. A world traveller at heart, he ended up in Australia after leaving his native Germany over a decade ago. There, he met other rockhounds who were experienced enough to show him the ropes. One of his fondest memories is of picking carnelian from a creek bed in the baking, humid heat of the Australian rainforest.

While in Australia, Fox attended the local lapidary club in his area. While there he

learned all the necessary steps of taking the crystals that he found, and grinding, cutting and polishing them into fine gemstones. Shortly after this, he became one of the opal hunters recently made famous on TV shows set in the outback. In terms of opal hunting, he is one of the originals.

In the years since, Fox has travelled around the globe on his mission to find fine earth minerals. He sought out rocks in his home country of Germany, in the Netherlands, in Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, Tenerife, Spain – and more. For the last few years he has been making his living selling self-found crystals everywhere from open markets to mineral and gem shows.

Fox is on Instagram. He also dabbles in spray paint art, you can follow his art account here.

Special Skills: Photography, Videography, Mineral Specialist, Lapidary, Crystal Guru

Katriona (@KatrionaWrites)

The other arm of The Stone Circle is freelance writer and author, Katriona. Like Fox, she developed an interest in crystals from a young age. Unlike Fox, she didn't go looking for them until later in life.

Katriona is a fantasy, comedy, horror, blog, and SEO writer, who spends much of her free time either writing out stories, or in the great outdoors. A few years ago, she decided to go gold panning in the hills of Scotland for the adventure of it. Combined with meeting Fox through a mutual friend at about the same time, she shortly found she was heading to those same hills on the hunt for good quality smoky quartz, instead.

Over the last seven years, Katriona has gone out of her way to learn everything she can about

chalcedony , quartz , amethyst , and all the other wonderful crystals you can find in Scotland.

Combined with a past rooted in Reiki healing, tarot reading, and a general interest in energy use,

she brings an airy, insightful, and sometimes far-too-descriptive world view to the crystal

collections we sell.

You can follow Katriona on Instagram , catch up with her Blog, or find her on

Facebook. If you like the writing on this site, you can also buy her a coffee to support her work.

Special Skills: Author, TikToker, Reiki Healer, Tarot Reader, Rockhound, Gold Panner

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